Foundation Skills for K9 Conditioning


Most dogs love to be active!

Keeping your dog in good condition helps them to stay injury free and healthy well into old age. This applies to dogs who compete in sports as well as the family dog that likes to play fetch, frisbee, or wrestle with other dogs.

This class introduces basic foundation skills that will help you begin a Canine Conditioning Program so that he can have better balance, strength, and flexibility.


  • Learn what proper form is so that your dog can perform conditioning exercises safely
  • Learn basic skills that help you teach your dog to hold a pose
  • Teach your dog basic proprioception
  • Your dog will learn the difference between Paws On, Feet On, All On
  • Understanding Resting Heart and Respiration rates, and proper body weight
  • Help your dog to work without over-arousal
  • How and when to stretch your dog
  • Warm up and Cool downs are important for your dog – learn the best methods
  • Since this is fun for your dog – he will learn to stay better focused on working with you


  • Dog must be healthy & injury free. This is not a physical therapy class.
  • A veterinary waiver will be required for any dog with health challenges or previous injury. This waiver will include what the dog is able to do and what exercises the dog should avoid.
  • Dogs must be able to work with handler with other dogs nearby. No aggressive dogs please. Private sessions are more suitable for dogs uncomfortable with other dogs.