Are You Tired of Your Dog Misbehaving?

We Can Help!

There’s no need to be embarrassed by your dog.

Instead learn how to teach your dog to be the well-behaved and attentive dog that you can be proud of!

  • Have you tried training, but were frustrated with the results?
  • Does your dog seem to have selective hearing?
  • Do you feel like your dog is walking you?
  • Would you like your dog to greet your friends and family more politely?

Create a Bond:

We can teach you to create a loving relationship with your dog by learning a few techniques that will help your special pet understand you and listen better.

We work with dogs of all ages and breeds, rescue dogs and puppies from responsible breeders. We are always delighted to see young puppies in our classes. The earlier you start the better – Don’t wait for bad habits to develop…Train them to be the dog you want to live with right from the beginning.

Dogs with special issues are also welcome. We have helped many fearful dogs blossom into fun-loving family pets. And we enjoy the challenge of working with exuberant dogs. Instead of squelching their enthusiasm, we teach you how to harness that energy and redirect it towards more appropriate behaviors. These dogs often turn out to be exceptional performance dogs.

With a large toolbox to draw from, we love to work with you to figure the best way to help you and your dog get along better. And if you decide you really enjoy training, we can keep you busy learning new and different skills for years to come.

How can we do this?

DogSense has a variety of programs that can quickly improve your life with your dog:

Complete Training Packages

A COMBINATION OF PRIVATE TRAINING AND GROUP CLASSES is the BEST way to ensure your dog is getting all the training she needs.
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One-on-One Private Lessons

BEHAVIOR CONSULTATIONS & PRIVATE LESSONS are for the family who wants to focus on a few specific things they want to teach their dog. Or for the person whose dog is presenting behavior challenges beyond basic training.
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Sport Dog Classes

SOME OF US GET ADDICTED TO TEACHING OUR DOGS NEW SKILLS…or just love spending time being active and learning new things with together. DogSense Sport classes are sure to enhance your relationship with your dog.
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Basic Training Group Classes

BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and OFF-LEASH classes to get your dog off to a great start. Perfect for the family pet or performance dog in the making.
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Stop being frustrated by your dog. Learn how to have fun with your dog again, while teaching important life skills.