Shadow Skills Class Description

Shadow Skills is a heeling game that combines the skills from the sports of rally obedience and canine freestyle. Learn how to direct your dog to follow you through a course and shadow your movements. Exercises include heeling on both the left and the right, spins, crosses, pivots, backup, and pace changes.

This is a fun way to practice your basic obedience skills and your dog’s focus on you.



  • Improve your dog’s Loose leash walking
  • Improve your dog’s heeling without a leash
  • basic obedience skills – such as sit, down, stand, stay
  • Teach simple tricks that make heeling more fun – spin, flip, circle handler, backup, etc…
  • Improve your dog’s focus on you
  • Develop your dog’s impulse control
  • Exercise your own brain! This is a sport that can be more challenging for the handler than the dog!



  • Team should have a basic understanding of Attention Heeling, Sit, Down & be able to be in a small space with other dogs nearby
  • Teams who have taken the Beginner Dog Training class should be ready for this class