Walk in Balance

“Learn to Help your Dog Walk Politely on Leash”

Unfortunately dogs these days spend a lot of time on leash. Why do so many dogs pull their owners around the neighborhood? Using a combination of The Third Way and Tellington Touch training methods, this class will explore different techniques to help dogs and handlers enjoy their leash walks. We will practice both casual long leash walking and attention heeling. We will discuss the physics of leash walking, the Balance Leash, and leash walking using two points of contact. If you would like to use a head collar, you will learn how to gently introduce it to your dog and how to use it most effectively. Other various management devices will also be discussed to help find the right solution for each dog and handler team. We will explore using TTouch body wraps, practice meeting other dog & handler teams, as well as have fun with the “Playground of Higher Learning.” This class is suitable for dogs that pull on the leash, dogs that don’t want to move forward, teams competing in Rally-O who want to perfect their attention heeling skills, or for puppies just learning what the leash is all about.

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