Description of Shadow Skills

Shadow Skills is a heeling game that combines skills from the sports of rally obedience and canine freestyle. Learn how to direct your dog to follow you through a course and shadow your movements. Exercises include heeling on both the left and the right, spins, crosses, pivots, backup, and pace changes.

The handler is allowed to use body cues and talk to their dog throughout the course.



  • Improve your dog’s Loose leash walking
  • Improve your dog’s heeling without a leash
  • basic obedience skills – such as sit, down, stand, stay
  • Teach simple tricks that make heeling more fun – spin, flip, circle handler, backup, etc…
  • Improve your dog’s focus on you
  • Develop your dog’s impulse control



  • Team should have a basic understanding of Attention Heeling, Sit, Down & be able to be in a small space with other dogs nearby
  • Teams who have taken the Beginner Dog Training class should be ready for this class

Here is a video that shows a variety of the exercises on course: