Description of Obstacles Skills Class

Navigating this course does not involve speed but rather the ability to perform challenging obstacles through teamwork.

Exercises include jumps, hoops, mini-tunnels, the step bridge, ladder,  cavalettis, mat games, turn the light on, bang-it board, ride the scooter, retrieve, and more! This division tests your dog’s proprioception and obedience skills.

A favorite of both dog and handler – and a Great Pre-Agility class!


  • Improves basic obedience skills – sit, down, stay, come
  • Helps your dog learn to ignore distractions and stay attentive to you
  • Teaches proprioception – which improves your dogs balance and understanding of their body in space
  • Teaches tricks & skills that come in handy during “regular” life
  • Builds your dog’s confidence
  • Teaches impulse control
  • Teaches your dog to work at a distance from you



  • Team should have a basic understanding of Attention Heeling, Sit, Down & be able to be in a small space with other dogs nearby
  • Teams who have taken the Beginner Dog Training class should be ready for this class

Here is a video of a 6 month old puppy competing in Obstacle Skills….                                                                                         She is working hard to stay focused!