The Basics of Tellington TTouch Workshop

“A Gentle Approach to Influence Behavior, Health, & Performance”

Join me for a relaxing & inspiring day of learning how to better connect with your dog – or any animal you work with.

The Tellington TTouch Method deepens our relationship with our pets and is easy to learn. It is based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body, as well as leading exercises to improve an animal’s focus and self-confidence. Help your dog to release tension patterns and learn new, more appropriate ways to act instead of re-act.

TTouch has been proven effective for dogs who are over-exuberant,   fearful, anxious, destructive, or reactive.  Leash-pulling, excessive barking or chewing, car sickness, puppy issues, aging issues, resistance to grooming, and health and performance issues have all been helped with the regular use of TTouch.  It is used by trainers, veterinarians, groomers, & pet owners world-wide.

In this workshop you will learn how to apply the basic TTouch techniques, and how to use the various TTouch tools, such as bodywraps, and the Playground of Higher Learning.  Studies have shown that TTouch is beneficial to the giver as well as to the receiver, so you will be sure to leave the workshop inspired, relaxed and ready to embark on a new partnership with your pet or performance dog.

For more information, visit or contact the instructor, Carolyn Ross.

(Minimum – 4/maximum – 12 dogs)
Half Day Workshop – $75.00
Full Day Workshop – $110.00
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