Rally-O Training with your dogRally-O is a great option for the handler who wants to continue to work with their dog and improve their obedience skills and relationship with their dog.

World Cynosport Rally-O (formerly APDT Rally Obedience) is one of the newer team sports for dogs and their handlers. It is distinctly different from traditional competitive obedience. The dog & handler team move through a course of 20-22 numbered signs that indicate which exercise they are to perform. The course is never the same and the dog never knows what to expect. In addition, handlers are encouraged to talk to and praise their dog as they navigate the course. A brisk pace, positive attitude, and happy demeanor are required of the team. The sport is intended to promote positive relationships between dogs and their owners. WCRL Rally-O is open to all dogs, including mixed breeds. For more information on this fun new sport, visit www.rallydogs.com

Rally-O training is also appropriate for the handler that wants to perfect their leash walking skills, focus, and other basic obedience skills.  Training for competition is not required.


Introduction to World Cynosport  Rally

Level 1

This course is designed to familiarize teams to the Level 1 Rally-O exercises, improve handling skills and help the dogs develop focus. Dogs entering this class should know basic commands, such as sit, down, stand, & wait, as well as walk politely on a loose leash. Teams will begin to refine their basic skills, gain confidence & flow. Level 1 is performed on-leash.

Level 2

Level 2 is performed off-leash and asks more difficult questions of the dog and handler team, including stays, recalls, jumps, and distractions. This is where Rally starts to become fun and addictive.

Level 3

Level 3 is also performed off-leash and the exercises increase in difficulty. Dogs are challenged to perform more difficult recalls and sends to jumps as well as obedience at a distance.

Classes are held indoors in Saco & outdoors in Buxton (weather permitting)