Is your leash a crutch? Are you afraid to practice working with your dog off-leash because you may never see him again? Are you interested in agility or rally obedience but you are afraid you will lose control of your dog as soon as you take off the leash? Then this is the class for you!

Join me for six weeks of practicing polite manners off-leash in a safe indoor setting. You will learn how to get your dog’s attention, help him to learn self-control, and teach your dog how to heel at attention without a leash. You will get lots of recall practice and build a stronger relationship between you and your dog. Ironically, off-leash training can also help your dog to walk more politely on-leash.

Participating dogs should have some basic training in polite manners and must not be aggressive to other dogs or people. Please contact the instructor if you have questions as to whether or not your dog is ready for this class.

6 weeks – $120.00
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