“Building a Foundation for a Lifelong Connection”

This very basic class is for dogs of any age. The Third Way Foundation Games & basic commands are taught to help people better communicate with their dogs. Eye Contact, Sit, Down, Leave It, Come, Stay, Targeting, and Walking Politely on Leash are introduced. The goals of the class are to teach the dog to look to their handler for guidance, calm themselves, and develop self-control, while teaching the handler basic dog training formulas, management techniques, and problem solving principles. Learn how to incorporate games and exercises into daily life to create a happy and cooperative friendship between you and your dog.

Please note: First class is humans only. We will discuss canine learning theory, my philosophy, and problem solving for many typical young dog behaviors. We will practice several training games so you can start working with your own dogs right away.

(Minimum 4 dogs/maximum 7 dogs) 6 weeks 
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