This class will focus on the 10 requirements for passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen test (CGC). The test will be administered during the last class.

The CGC test was designed to help pet owners feel confident that their dog is trained well enough to enjoy accompanying them out in public. The CGC has also become a standard first step for handlers wishing to train their dogs for therapy work. A CGC dog is more likely to be welcomed into rental properties, places of employment, and other dog friendly businesses. CGC teams are ambassadors for the canine community assuring that our beloved pets will continue to be allowed to accompany us throughout our communities.

Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger

Test 2: Sitting politely for petting

Test 3: Appearance and grooming

Test 4: Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)

Test 5: Walking through a crowd

Test 6: Sit and Down on command and Staying in place

Test 7: Coming when called

Test 8: Reaction to another dog

Test 9: Reaction to distraction

Test 10: Supervised Separation


(Minimum 4 dogs, Maximum 8 dogs)
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