Fast on the Flat - Agility

September 16, 2021

Fast on the Flat is a division of Wag It Games - it is similar to Barrelers in NADAC.

Tunnels, Hoops, and Barrels are the only obstacles.  Dog tends to run faster as there are no jumps to take and no contacts to stop on.  Which means, you need to have great communication between you and your dog. Your dog learns to drive forward; you learn to give earlier cues.  Learn distance handling skills as well as regular agility handling skills.

Great for dogs just starting agility, as well as older dogs that no longer want to jump and run up A-frames.

Class time may move earlier as the weather gets warmer.

5 weeks - $130


DogSense Outdoor Campus
43 Justin Merrill Rd
Buxton, Maine 04093
United States

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