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Use a Marker or Indicator

Use a clicker, or a word (such as “Yes”) to mark the exact moment your dog gives you the correct response. Begin by pairing the marker (“YES”) with the food reward. Just say, “Yes” and give the dog a treat. Once your dog understands that “YES” means he is getting a yummy treat, you can start training. When your dog gives you the desired behavior, just “YES” and treat! The Marker is a promise of reward, so ALWAYS give a treat when you use your Marker.

Motivate your Dog

While using verbal praise, toys, and life rewards can be effective training tools, most dogs learn quickest using food rewards. Find a few treats that your dog REALLY loves. Soft treats are usually best as they can be broken down into many small treats that can be quickly consumed by the dog – which allows for longer training sessions. Your dog doesn’t become full too fast and lose motivation. Think how you feel after a big meal. Keep your dog engaged – as soon as he finishes his morsel – ask him to repeat the behavior so you can reward him again!

Set up your Dog for Success!

When you first begin to teach a new behavior to your dog, be sure to start your work in a quiet place where your dog will find it easy to concentrate on you. This is usually a room in your house away from distractions, such as other pets or family members running through the house.

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